The twin valleys of Blueshore and Coldwind (now collectively known as the Vales of Bitter Tears) lie north of the great lake of Bitter Blue at the very edge of the Principality of Kulimshar. The lake and surrounding territory were once part of the Barony of the Calirmanati. The barony was obliterated during The Great Darkness

The valleys were invaded by the Cold Lord Gotha who was determined to open the tomb of the Necromancer Alakah that had been hidden in the ridge dividing the two valleys. Although the Cold Lord was later driven back and killed by the victorious forces of the Alliance of Kings the liberating forces discovered that in the course of his two year reign no living thing had been allowed to exist in the vicinity of the tombs. The former inhabitants of the valleys, the villagers and farmers, now roamed the land as mindless undead full of hate for the living, even the animals and vegetation of the region had been corrupted by the touch of dark magic.

Spring Flowers

The campaign is called Spring Flowers and covers the return of living creatures to the Vales of Bitter Tears.